Unofficial Intel Mac Firefox Build

It’s here, and everything works (including Flash and Java). Many thanks to Mark Mentovai for working all weekend with me to get this done. He came up with a great last-minute bit of coding to get Java and Flash working.

Click here to download an unofficial build of Firefox for Intel Macs.

Note 1) This is an Intel-only build. Official builds will probably be Universal Binaries.
Note 2) The UA String is not finalized.
Note 3) We cannot use official branding for unofficial builds, so the application is actually named “”.

18 thoughts on “Unofficial Intel Mac Firefox Build

  1. It’s beautiful, and it flies. Well done. But I’m still not getting java and flash support (20″ intel iMac, right out of the box) — am I doing something wrong?

  2. Flash won’t work here either….

    I get the “please install the correct plug-in” message, which leads me to Macromedia’s site.

    Which downloads flash player 8.
    Which installs.

    But then, upon reloading that website, I get the same error message!

    Any tips for getting this to work? I rely on having Flash available….

    Other than that issue, the intel build has been working amazing – Thanks!

  3. You guys are awesome. I just installed it on my new 17″ Intel iMac and I must comment. That is the fastest browsing I’ve EVER done, on any browser on any platform. It’s faster than the dual 3.6GHz Xeon WinXP box that I’m writing this on (with Firefox).

    Noce Work!

  4. Does anyone know when an offical Universal binary Firefox app will be released by Mozilla? And what about Firefox 2.0?

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