My 100th Mozilla Bug Filed

I have now filed 100 Mozilla bugs. That isn’t actually that many for someone who has worked on Mozilla for 4 years, but when I started I barely knew what gcc was (read: I was a very inexperienced software developer). You can tell this by looking at some of the early bug reports I filed. Bug 223583 was the first bug in which I wrote some significant code (rewrote the Camino download manager). 62% of the bugs I reported have been fixed, 4% were duplicates, 4% could not be reproduced, 8% were marked invalid.

3 thoughts on “My 100th Mozilla Bug Filed

  1. Congratulations!

    I only see 98 bugs from that first link you provided. I assume that’s because 2 of them are open security related bugs and require a higher level of access than I have, yeah?

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