New Intel iMac

I got my new 17-inch Intel iMac today, and it is pretty cool. I’ll just cut to the chase and list things I like about it:

1) It compiles an optimized Firefox in 27 minutes, and that is without even setting up the build process to spawn multiple threads. Basically, it is really fast.
2) It has an iSight camera built in. I actually video chat somewhat frequently, and I appreciate not having to mount and center an external camera.
3) It has a remote control so I can control my DVDs and music from my comfy place (my bed).

Other than that, it is pretty much like every other Mac I’ve owned in the past few years. I wouldn’t have bought an iMac, but given that it is my only option for continuing to work on transitioning Mozilla’s products to Intel, I didn’t have much of a choice. Oh – and it was free from Apple because of their Developer Transition Kit exchange program. Free is good.

14 thoughts on “New Intel iMac

  1. I’m also waiting my 17″ iMac from the Developer Transition Kit Exchange Program, but i have a few questions, because i haven’t received mine, neither the tracking number…
    Supposedly there is a delay of 2-4 weeks to process the order, or that is what the confirmation email said, but i don’t know if it’s only for europeans or also for the US developers..

    When you ordered it?
    When you received the confirmation email?
    When you received your tracking number?

    Thank u, and congratulations for your new free iMac…

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