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Life is going pretty well in MN these days. Winter isn’t too harsh this year, but its not a wussy winter either, just the way I like it. There are enough days in which it is possible to take pleasant walks and get outside, so I don’t feel too cooped up. That said, I’m getting pretty excited for spring so I can get outside even more.

I’ve been playing a lot of tennis lately (I’m sure I’ve mentioned this about 20 times already on this blog). I’m learning really quickly with the help of my instructor Dan, and I am almost ready to start playing regular matches against others at the club I go to. I feel really good after every time I play, I can’t wait for summer when do something active almost every day (tennis, Ultimate frisbee, biking, hiking, running, skateboarding, sailing, the possibilities are endless!!!).

Speaking of Ultimate, I’m super psyched for it this summer. My roommate is an Ultimate player, a bunch of my Ultimate-playing friends live near me, and we all live about 6 blocks away from 2 different really nice parks. A picnic basket, a couple discs, and my friends in Loring Park – this is going to be quite the summer! Turns out Chrissy Lee, one of the best ultimate players from Carleton College who I found out I have a lot of really random connections to lives close by, and I hope to learn a lot from watching her play.

I cracked my elbow skateboarding in high school and didn’t do it for a few years after that. I jumped off a low wall onto the sidewalk, the board slipped out from under me, and I landed on my elbow. This was the day after I had my wisdom teeth pulled out (did the painkillers contribute to my badly executed jump?), and then the day after I cracked my elbow I got strep throat. I was completely immobile for weeks. Anyway, I started skating again a little bit during my senior year in college, and then did a lot more during last summer when I lived in California. Silicon Valley was ideal for skateboarding as it is mostly flat and has lots of concrete things around to play with like overpasses, flower beds, and huge corporate parking lots. Alex Polvi and I had a blast. I’m a little worried that skateboarding in Minneapolis won’t be as easy or fun to do, but I’m going to give it a go. Maybe I can bike to one of the closer suburbs to find fun places to skate, or find a good skate park. Anyway, one more thing I’m excited about doing this summer!

3 thoughts on “Tennis, Ultimate, Skateboarding

  1. “I’m getting pretty excited for spring so I can get outside even more” … “Silicon Valley was ideal for skateboarding” … Dude, what are you doing still in MN? Come back to where the lovin’ (and the good weather, and the good skateboarding terrain) is! 🙂

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