Benjamin Smedberg gets a baby, I get an N64

Congrats to Benjamin Smedberg and his family on their impending new addition!

The newest addition to my own little family is an N64 with two controllers, 7 games, and 2 memory packs that I picked up for $30 on eBay. Totally. Awesome. I have to remember to let my friend Ben beat me at Mario Kart once in a while so he doesn’t cry like Nancy Kerrigan (as Cartman would say). I am thrilled that N64 systems don’t need diaper changing.

10 thoughts on “Benjamin Smedberg gets a baby, I get an N64

  1. Nonsense, Goldeneye and Perfect Dark are where it’s at. F-Zero X, too. And don’t forget The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (if you have a spare 50 hours).

  2. What Ben said. Perfect Dark and Goldeneye rule. Too bad the N64 never supported network multiplayer, cause networked Goldeneye or PD would kick serious ass.


  3. I am playing Zelda OoT right now and it is truly one of the most amazing games ever.

    I think you got a great deal on the N64, but you might want to check out the next Nintendo system when it comes out. Nintendo Revolution will let you download and play all the old nintendo games (well atlest the ones made by nintendo). It should also be dirt cheap, some people think it might just be $99 at launch (consensus is $199).

    Should be fun

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