Minneapolis Music These Days

When I left MN, my favorite local band Morris broke up. That void isn’t quite filled yet, but I have discovered some awesome new local bands that are keeping me running to shows almost every week. My favorites at the moment are the Birthday Suits and Hockey Night. The Birthday Suits have an incredible presence and energy on stage, rocking as hard as any other band out there. They get a lot of people dancing. Hockey Night isn’t quite as energetic, but they have an interesting Southern streak in them and their songs are catchy. They have a guitarist who looks like a young Kurt Cobain, which is pretty great.

On the subject of Morris, I heard rumors that they were going to do a reunion show. However, I ran into one of their guitarists, Jonathan Kennedy, at the Walker art museum the other day and he said they are unfounded. He likes the idea though and said he’d mention it to Andy, their lead singer. Maybe my comment at the art museum will make it happen!

2 thoughts on “Minneapolis Music These Days

  1. Josh, I didn’t know you liked Hockey Night. They all stayed at my house last night and took off for SXSW today. Dusty recorded their last record. They are all really really awesome people!

  2. Josh,
    I played with morris several years ago at the red sea with my band space camp. I’ve been trying to track them down recently and I found your blog.

    If you see those guys, tell them that I would love to see them play again and I’d love to get them in my studio and do a record for free (assuming they are willing). If you can find them (I can’t) tell them to contact me (Jon) at info@royaltyetc.com

    Has anybody from that band done anything since?

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