Belle and Sebastian Concert

I went to my second Belle and Sebastian concert tonight! The New Pornographers opened. Both bands were simply amazing. I’ve never even listened to The New Pornographers before, pleasant surprise. I thought the woman who was singing with TNP was Neko Case, but it wasn’t. Ahh ignorance.

Stuart Murdoch of B&S was in top form tonight, dancing around energetically and making lots of funny Scottish banter with the crowd and his bandmates. Sarah (the only female vocalist) didn’t sing too much, which is too bad. I really like her songs. The lighting was really good for B&S, hitting its peak for the song “Another Sunny Day” (sunny yellow lights radiating from the back center).

At the end of this month I’m going to see DOS in Hollywood, CA. Mike Watt from the Minutemen is in DOS, so I’m expecting great things. Then in April I’m going to see Ladytron here in Minneapolis. So much to look forward to!

Updated: It is quite possible that Isobel Campbell sang “Family Tree,” so comment about that removed. Isobel left Belle and Sebastian in 2002, and “Family Tree” was released in 2000. I thought it was the other way around. I can’t find any record of who actually sang the song though!

11 thoughts on “Belle and Sebastian Concert

  1. I saw Ladytron a while back and they put on a good show… I think they opened for either Nick Cave or Siouxsie – I don’t recall which. If you get a chance check out Cinema Strange if you haven’t already – a very fun band.

  2. I saw my first B&S gig recently, and was extremely impressed. The sound quality was easily the best of any gig I’ve ever been to. At one point there were 11 people on stage, yet you could easily pick out each instrument or voice from the mix.

  3. I could be wrong but I thought that Family Tree was sung by Isobelle – who left – and not Sarah, Which would explain why it’s not being performed much these days.

  4. jgraham – you could be right. I can’t find any mention of who actually sang the song. Entry updated. Thanks for pointing out the possibility!

  5. I went to the show in Chicago a few nights back and loved it as well. If only I were single and Neko had a few less of Her Boyfriends around….

    Murdoch’s banter was equally enjoyable for me, and makes me want to check out his recent NPR interview. I like the talk during the London Has Let Me Down Again bootleg I have and the other live stuff…

  6. Bah! You rotten sod. Why do you get to see them and me not? So wrong dude. just checkin up on the ol’ boom swagger boom…

  7. there are several songs that isobel wrote that band cannot preform live anymore. family tree was on the “fold your hands child you walk like a peasent” lp and she did sing on it…they can also no longer preform “is it wicked not to care” or “winter wooskie”. there are a few more but i cannot remmeber off the top of my head. saw the show in chicago in march and it was worth every penny

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