I saw Ladytron last night at First Avenue. The show in was really good despite some equipment problems they had that caused interruptions. The encore was the hilight as they rocked out harder than they did during the regular show. I think Ladytron is much better live than recorded because in recordings they seem to drop a lot of the driving drums and bass, and they flatten out the vocals a lot. That makes their sound a lot less interesting.

LineBreak 2.7 Released

I made LineBreak a Universal Binary and fixed a few bugs on an airplane recently. I didn’t get around to testing it and releasing it at the time, but I couldn’t fall asleep tonight so it finally happened. Click here to download LineBreak 2.7.

LineBreak is a utility I wrote originally around the time the first version of Mac OS X came out. I was doing a lot of web development back then and I needed an app to deal with converting between Mac/UNIX/DOS line breaks in text documents easily via GUI. I wanted something that supported drag-n-drop conversion and folder conversions, with protection black/white list options. So I wrote LineBreak. A lot of other people found it really useful, so I started maintaining it and releasing new versions every once in a while. People were very generous about donating (usually $, sometimes code) in support of my efforts, so it worked out well for everyone. Perfect example of Free Software in action!

Cocoa Widget Progress

I’ve been hacking on Cocoa widgets for a while now. They are a lot better now than they were even a few weeks ago, but they aren’t quite there yet. Bug 326469 tracks issues we need to resolve before we can make Cocoa widgets default on the trunk. It is not a tracking bug for *all* Cocoa widget issues.

Cocoa Firefox builds are somewhat useable (for messing around, not daily use). They have some crashes lurking, modals and sheet dialogs are messy and not completely functional, and context menus don’t work at all. Other than that the builds aren’t bad.

I think I can finish off most of the crashers and the sheet/modal stuff in the next two weeks. Hopefully by that point Darin will at least be close to landing his event/thread stuff, and hopefully within a week or so after that we can get context menus working. At that point we should be ready to turn Cocoa widgets on for all products on the trunk. Immediately following that we should be ready to go with Cairo drawing code. I hear Vlad has a sweet Quartz backend for Cairo put together, I’m excited to see it in action.

If anyone wants to help with Cocoa widgets this final stretch would be a great time to jump in.

Update: Cocoa Thunderbird actually works now, no worse than Cocoa Firefox.

Official Firefox Universal Binaries Unleashed

Firefox for Mac OS X has been released as a Universal Binary! Too many people to list were involved in making this happen, but I’d like to throw out a special thanks to Mark Mentovai for his tireless development efforts and Mozilla Corp QA for their last minute push to make sure the Universal Binary bits were ready.

Note: Users getting via software update will not get Universal Binaries. You must download a Universal Binary build from

Help Test Firefox 1.5.0.x Universal Binaries!

We could really use help testing Universal Binaries of Firefox. Whether you’re on PPC or Intel, grab the build below and give it a spin! Please report any bugs you find, particularly those that you can reproduce with the Universal build but not with the official PPC Firefox build. This should be pretty stable but we need to know more before we can ship it as our official build. I’ll be writing more on our Universal Binary situation soon.

Download a Firefox test binary by clicking here

A great night

(3/31/06, Hollywood CA) From left to right: Matt Rubin, Kira from Black Flag, Mike Watt from the Minutemen, and me. Kira and Watt peform together now as DOS, a bass duo. After the DOS show we talked outside with Kira and Watt for a bit. Totally awesome, amazing people.