Help Test Firefox 1.5.0.x Universal Binaries!

We could really use help testing Universal Binaries of Firefox. Whether you’re on PPC or Intel, grab the build below and give it a spin! Please report any bugs you find, particularly those that you can reproduce with the Universal build but not with the official PPC Firefox build. This should be pretty stable but we need to know more before we can ship it as our official build. I’ll be writing more on our Universal Binary situation soon.

Download a Firefox test binary by clicking here

8 thoughts on “Help Test Firefox 1.5.0.x Universal Binaries!

  1. Still doesn’t work with Spellbound dev edition. Not sure if that’s a Firefox issue or Spellbound issue. However, this new build seems FAST!!

  2. I am trying some streaming video and regular web usage with it now and I’m quite impressed. I’m running it on an Intel iMac (1.83 GHz Core Duo, 1GB RAM) that I got this past monday. So far this build seems comparable in speed to Camino 1.0. Looking forward to this updated iteration of Firefox.

  3. What did you build it with?

    Maybe it’s just superstition, but I could swear it feels a bit faster than the regular PPC 1.5 I had running before (mac mini G4 here).

  4. Slightly different topic, but I wanted to say good work with the cocoa widgets. Hadn’t tried out a firefox build with them for a month or two. They’re showing real improvement.

  5. The scrolling in Firefox on Intel seems slower and less smooth than Firefox on a G5, and much less smooth than Safari on Intel. Also, it is not doing any subpixel rendering as set in the Appearance preference panel (medium – best for flat panel) — it does the old pre-10.2 style of antialiasing.

  6. I’ve been using this FireFox ( for the last week. It is far more stable than any FireFox to date! It feels more like it belongs on a Mac to. I’m on a 1Ghz G4 iBook, no crashes to report.

    If you continue improving the Mac version, FireFox will be a real compeitor to the other Mac browsers.

    I like some of the things you’ve done with the Bookmark Manager, especially that I can completely hide the folder panel on the left. It gives me much more room when I’m editing my Bookmarks. Your Bookmark Manager is much better than Camino’s, at least for now!

    How many good browsers for Mac are there now? 4 or 5? More browsers for us than for Windows? Wow!


  7. Finally! Very goood and obviously faster then PPC with Rosetta (running iMac with 2GHz Core Duo). I also have a feeling it’s faster then Safari.

    But I have this strange issue with both Safari and Universal build of Firefox (Camino too!).. Try to open – very basic page, isn’t it? Now try to open the same page either with Safari in Rosetta mode or Firefox PPC build or just any PC or PPC Mac broowser. See the difference? I assume it must be an error of some osX plugin because all 3 browsers behave the same: Safari, Camino and Firefox Universal binary.

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