Cocoa Widget Progress

I’ve been hacking on Cocoa widgets for a while now. They are a lot better now than they were even a few weeks ago, but they aren’t quite there yet. Bug 326469 tracks issues we need to resolve before we can make Cocoa widgets default on the trunk. It is not a tracking bug for *all* Cocoa widget issues.

Cocoa Firefox builds are somewhat useable (for messing around, not daily use). They have some crashes lurking, modals and sheet dialogs are messy and not completely functional, and context menus don’t work at all. Other than that the builds aren’t bad.

I think I can finish off most of the crashers and the sheet/modal stuff in the next two weeks. Hopefully by that point Darin will at least be close to landing his event/thread stuff, and hopefully within a week or so after that we can get context menus working. At that point we should be ready to turn Cocoa widgets on for all products on the trunk. Immediately following that we should be ready to go with Cairo drawing code. I hear Vlad has a sweet Quartz backend for Cairo put together, I’m excited to see it in action.

If anyone wants to help with Cocoa widgets this final stretch would be a great time to jump in.

Update: Cocoa Thunderbird actually works now, no worse than Cocoa Firefox.

16 thoughts on “Cocoa Widget Progress

  1. How will these be defined during configure? By setting toolkit=mac (or cocoa-mac based on some of the patches in blockers) in mozconfig or by looking at the build system (ifdef’ing for Darwin, for example)?

  2. ketsugi, we use GTK2 widgets just like we’re planning to use Cocoa widgets. This is not “widgets like buttons” this is “widgets like window primitives, etc”.

  3. This is really going to be great. However, I rely heavily on being able to style form elements and the fact that this can’t be done in Safari worries me. Will we have control over element styles i.e. background, borders, (that awful focus highlight…)? This is one primary reason I don’t use Safari. If we could manipulate the look AND use Cocoa widgets that would be ideal. Thanks for the hard work.

  4. Hanspeter, maybe I misunderstand, but if you want to do a firefox build with cocoa widgets add:

    ac_add_options –enable-default-toolkit=cocoa

    to your mozconfig.

  5. Hmmm…. That helps a little bit, but what I’d LOVE to see is Firefox on the Mac being to be able to share the Safari keychain items in terms of stored passwords/etc.

  6. It does mean we’ll have native-looking controls, though that isn’t what the “Cocoa” in “Cocoa widgets” is all about. Cocoa widgets use the Cocoa API, and they happen to have a native appearance. This is the same stuff Camino has been using for years.

  7. Follow up to my earlier post: Jesse’s post above led me to check how Cocoa widgets work in Camino. Yes, they are capable of being styled; it must just be a limitation of Safari that prevents this. This is going to be really great for Firefox on OS X.

  8. Josh, I’m totally excited about this.

    Oh, and here’s my question. Do Cocoa widgets mean that Services are going to be a go for FF3? I don’t use most of ’em, but the Quicksilver Service is totally bomb, and it’s the one thing I seriously miss when I’m using Carbony apps.

  9. Any chance of Cocoa text boxes in Camino/Firefox? Stuff like spell checking, input managers, custom key bindings, etc. are really useful.

  10. Does this mean that we could possibly see the Cocoa widgets in Firefox 2.0??

    It looks like they are almost ready.

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