LineBreak 2.7 Released

I made LineBreak a Universal Binary and fixed a few bugs on an airplane recently. I didn’t get around to testing it and releasing it at the time, but I couldn’t fall asleep tonight so it finally happened. Click here to download LineBreak 2.7.

LineBreak is a utility I wrote originally around the time the first version of Mac OS X came out. I was doing a lot of web development back then and I needed an app to deal with converting between Mac/UNIX/DOS line breaks in text documents easily via GUI. I wanted something that supported drag-n-drop conversion and folder conversions, with protection black/white list options. So I wrote LineBreak. A lot of other people found it really useful, so I started maintaining it and releasing new versions every once in a while. People were very generous about donating (usually $, sometimes code) in support of my efforts, so it worked out well for everyone. Perfect example of Free Software in action!

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