I saw Ladytron last night at First Avenue. The show in was really good despite some equipment problems they had that caused interruptions. The encore was the hilight as they rocked out harder than they did during the regular show. I think Ladytron is much better live than recorded because in recordings they seem to drop a lot of the driving drums and bass, and they flatten out the vocals a lot. That makes their sound a lot less interesting.

6 thoughts on “Ladytron

  1. I saw them in Chicago on Friday and they rocked. Did The Presets open for them at First Ave? They were surprisingly good, though a little more DAT/presequenced than my taste.

    I agree that the live Ladytron with drums & bass (snicker) was a different and ultimately superior experience. I also enjoyed some of the reworking of (e.g.) Cracked LCD which seemed a bit more melodic.

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