Cocoa Firefox

People have been asking how Cocoa widgets are coming along, and in particular about Cocoa Firefox. I put together an Intel Mac OS X build for people (sorry PPC users, I’m on an Intel Mac at the moment).

Click here to download Intel Mac OS X Cocoa widgets Firefox

Everything should work well, with the exception of context menus. They don’t draw any content, and are thus useless. Once context menus are working we should be ready to turn Cocoa widgets on for all products. This build includes only one patch that is not yet checked in.

I make no guarantee that this build won’t trash your profile or delete your hard drive or whatever, you’ve been warned. As you should before running any test software, make sure to back up at least your bookmarks or your whole Firefox profile.

20 thoughts on “Cocoa Firefox

  1. WIll Camino become Firefox (Cocoa) once the ‘widgets’ are in place? Are widgets the same as Firefox plug in and extentions, or tinier tweaks to the interface?

    Such extentions should be every bit as easy to add as Firefox extentions, or Camino will still lag in user share, despite its inherent cocoa goodness. The plug ins themselves will also have to be converted too, no?

  2. Please excuse my development ignornace, but what happend to the check box that would compile for Intel and PPC at the same time?

  3. Sorry about my dumbness, but is fetures such a the use of Keychain and Spell checker member of the set of cocoa widgets? Or am on a total wrong path here?


  4. Sorry the bother, form some more search it seams them features are related to cocoa (or carbon). Thats enough awnser for me just now.

  5. Beeing on an Intel Mac is no excuse for not building a PPC (or FAT) build, since you can cross-compile Firefox between both platforms. 😉

    But can you please link me to the one patch you refer to, which have not been checked in, so I can build it myself?


  6. gm & krmathis: yes, it’s kind of that simple when using Xcode, but if you’re dealing with something huge like firefox then you’ve got make scripts and things to contend with. If those haven’t been altered, then you have to manually build all PPC & intel binaries and then stitch (using lipo) them together. One by one. Honestly, can you expect him to that for a demo?

    I’m assumming the build scripts haven’t been changed to build these binaries, or I’m sure it would be automatic and he’d have done it.

  7. Patrick. Everything needed to build a universal binary Firefox, Camino, Thunderbird, etc, was checked into the source several months ago.

    All he have to do is add “. $topsrcdir/build/macosx/universal/mozconfig” at the top of his .mozconfig and build the usual way. This will build Firefox for both platforms, which will be merged into a FAT binary when the disk image is created.

    If he want people to test this then he should have provided a provided a PPC binary as well. Cause there are more PPC Mac than Intel Mac users out there… 😉

  8. I didn’t build a universal binary because I had limited time and I already had this Intel build around. Its not as simple as a checkbox, and it takes about twice as long to build universal binaries. This was just a one-off for the curious.

  9. I understand the point, since you already had this build around.

    But can you please point me to the patch that has not been checked in? So I can build a PowerPC version.
    Maybe you could let me in on the mozconfig option to build with cocoa widgets as well.

  10. Nice! I noticed one thing, though. The address bar and search boxes don’t get a blue frame when clicking on them. Any chance that this will change in the future?

  11. Wow, this build is much faster than on my MacBook Pro. I don’t know if it’s the Cocoa changes, or generic 3.0 fastness, but I like it. (As tested with the highly scientific method of loading up a web page on both builds and dragging the scroll bar up and down quickly.)

  12. What about Intel Macintosh based tests none of the XServes can do that, because they have PowerPC in them? New Intel Macintoshes would fix that.

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