Updated Cocoa Firefox Build (Universal Binary too!)

Here is an updated Cocoa Firefox build. It’s a Universal Binary this time so it works on both PPC and Intel Mac OS X. This build is stable enough for me to use as my everyday browser, but I have a high pain tolerance given that I am a developer. YMMV.

We would really appreciate it if people could report any bugs they find that are regressions from switching to Cocoa widgets. A good way to do that is:

1. Grab a recent trunk nightly build of Firefox
2. Grab this copy of Cocoa Firefox
3. Find bugs in the Cocoa Firefox build, make sure they don’t also exist in the Carbon nightly build (all nightly builds right now are Carbon builds), then report them as Cocoa widget bugs.

You can click here to see a list of all Cocoa widget bugs that have already been reported.

15 thoughts on “Updated Cocoa Firefox Build (Universal Binary too!)

  1. Doesn’t work for me on Mac OS X 10.2.8 (yeah, I know …).

    [Honey:Minefield.app/Contents/MacOS] jhermans% ./firefox-bin -P
    2006-07-26 22:28:52.914 firefox-bin[857] *** -[NSWindow setContentMinSize:]: selector not recognized
    2006-07-26 22:28:52.918 firefox-bin[857] An uncaught exception was raised
    2006-07-26 22:28:52.920 firefox-bin[857] *** -[NSWindow setContentMinSize:]: selector not recognized
    2006-07-26 22:28:52.922 firefox-bin[857] *** Uncaught exception: *** -[NSWindow setContentMinSize:]: selector not recognized
    Trace/BPT trap

    I have no Minefield profile yet, so I started with the -P flag.

  2. Crashed hard while checking lotus notes on the web at my school. 10.4.7 PPC. Had to force quit.

    I restored session and now it doesn’t crash but won’t render the inbox frame either.

    Sorry that I don’t have the exact error. Hope this helps.

  3. I know that it won’t work on Mac OS X 10.2.8 (I’m currently saving for new Mac Pro, so that I can continue to test), but shouldn’t we get a warning instead of a hard crash ?

  4. I’ve noticed two things – one I’ve entered as 346015, the other I’m not sure where to log it… The dock menu doesn’t show the window titles for the Cocoa build, but they’re there on the latest trunk nightly…. should that be bugzilla’d?

  5. Cool … it at least looks speedier … not sure if that’s true. But cool. Thanks Josh. I’ll report any bugs I might find. Hope this gets landed on the trunk soon.

  6. This starts to look real good, any pretty usable now since the landing of bug 332917. Congratulations. And this build is pretty stable. I have some problems with roll-down menus (like from the bookmark bar), I haven’t checked if there is already a bug on that.

    Any eta for landing on trunk ? Given that it blocks Cairo …:-] (I know, I know, impatient as ever).

  7. Woooo, someone (Josh?) fixed the context menus thing. Brilliant! Much more convenient than getting a blank menu and having to press the up and down keys to guess which one you want 😉

  8. Question about Cocoa controls, how come the tabs in preferences look like the 10.2 tabs and not the new 10.3/10.4 tabs? Can I assume these don’t call native controls?

    Will modern Mac tabs or native looking modern tabs make it into Firefox 3? It would be helpful for applications based on the Firefox engine to inherit those tabs to look more closely Mac native.

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