Gotta Love the Midwest

Its really hot in Minneapolis. It has been this way for almost 2 weeks. Almost every day it is between 90 and 100 degrees. I don’t have air conditioning, so its not fun times at my house. I’m going to hold out though – I don’t really like the idea of buying a big air conditioner and then using a whole bunch of energy to run it. I feel like I should face my own environment instead of fixing the problem by using up a bunch of energy. I’m well aware of the fact that my life is full of contradictions in this sense (e.g. how much I use my car), but whatever. I don’t want air conditioning. I’m hot and sweaty a lot but so long as I give myself something else to think about (hacking on Mozilla, spinning records, making my next cool drink) its not *that* bad.

The other day my friend Kristin and I went tubing down a river in western Wisconsin, maybe 45 minutes from Minneapolis. The three tubes we rented were actually the innner tubes for industrial truck tires. The third tube held our cooler full of beer, which we tied between our other two tubes with some twine. A rickety old bus drove us up the river for a while and dropped us off, and it took us almost 3 hours to float down. The river was somewhat speedy in some spots, really slow in others. It was pretty relaxing, just chillin’ in the river with our beer and floating by some pretty scenery. I definitely plan to do it again, even if it was the most hickish thing I’ve done in a long time. I love the midwest.

7 thoughts on “Gotta Love the Midwest

  1. I live in Mpls too, just moved here and love it. I just have a little A/C unit in my bedroom. It’s a very efficient unit and I only run it when I’m sleeping, I don’t think my energy bill will increase too much because of it. I would absolutely die without it, I can’t sleep when I’m uncomfortable. The heat is supposed to break tonight and the extended forecast shows some pretty good days ahead.
    Where did you go tubing in Wisconsin? It sounds like a lot of fun, do they have a website?

  2. I’m in the Minneapolis are and our AC is on 24/7. However, we keep it at like 78-80 so we are not using as much power as some. And it’s built in, not a window AC. It’s freaking hot though. Wanna come visit and get out of the heat? 😉

  3. I hope your empties went back into the cooler 😉 It does sound like a nice trip. Chris and I just got back from Arizona, where we drove across the Mojave and Painted Deserts with the top down on the convertible. We did, however, spend some time at Lake Powell. What a beautiful area. Had we more time, we’d have done a float trip down the Colorado to the Grand Canyon. Gives us something to look forward to, kinda like Minefield 3.0 and aqualiciousness! Keep up the good work Josh!

  4. Did the river happen to be Apple River? I live in Southern Iowa, and we make the roughly 5 hour trip about once a year. It’s a great time just floating, drinking, and relaxing.

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