Northern Lights

Last night when driving home through central Wisconsin my friend thought he saw the northern lights. We stopped the car and got out to look without headlights and sure enough, it was the northern lights and they were really really bright. As I was standing there looking at the lights I was thinking that people hundreds of years ago (before we had an explanation for the lights) must have been totally awestruck and amazed by them in a way that I just can’t be because I have a basic understanding of what they are. Its not the beautiful unknown any more, its just beautiful. I sort of wish I could see spectacular things like that with my naked eye that I don’t understand at all, just to feel what it is like. I know I can see the stars and the milky way and there is a lot that we don’t understand out there, but there is a lot that we do understand and the normal night sky is just not as spectacular as the northern lights on a good night.

WWDC 2006

I got back from WWDC 2006 on Saturday afternoon, I’ve been too busy to write anything about it until now.

– Got a preview build of Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard.
– Firefox and Camino 1.0.2 run just fine on said copy of 10.5, with no modifications.
– Went to some good sessions on debugging and performance tuning.
– Had dinner with Banjo Goodge, Old Man Spitzer, Stuart, Brain, and Pink.
– Met some awesome people from Apple, all good dancers (at least after a couple beers).
– Listened to crazy taxi driver talk offensive smack about inner city youth for an entire 15 minute taxi ride.
– Apple released my dream machine, the quad Xeon Mac Pro.
– Went to a party at Adobe, talked about Flash issues with Flash engineers for a while. Much easier to hash plugin issues out in person than via email.

Not Hilights
BT played at the Apple campus for the annual Thursday night WWDC party. I didn’t go because nobody told me he was going to be there and I didn’t feel like driving all the way to Apple at night for catered food. Damnit.

Awesome Apple [trademark? copyright? whatever] Violation

Today I picked up a single on vinyl for my mixes called “Lyrical Swords.” It features GZA of Wu Tang Clan and has some pretty good beats on it. As soon as I got it off the shelf, I noticed something very familiar on the album cover, my being an Apple fan/programmer and all. Check it out:

Yes, my friends, that is the Wu Tang Clan symbol with an Apple color scheme, leaf and bite out of it and all. The album is called “Think Differently Music,” the record I bought is a single off of that record and on the back of the single is the cover for the full album, pictured here. I’m not sure exactly which of Apple’s rights that violates, but I’m pretty damned sure something is being violated. And its totally awesome.

There is a URL on the record, ““. I guess those are the people that produced the record. Right now there is just a picture of a whole bunch of fans at a concert. Actually, if you know much about Wu Tang Clan you might recognize it as a picture of Rock the Bells, which was the last time Wu Tang Clan performed with all of their original members (ODB died 2-3 months afterwards).