Thunderbird: Finally, command-n makes a new message on Mac OS X

The most annoying thing about Thunderbird on Mac OS X is that command-n does not make a new message. Typing command-n for a new message is how it works on every Mac OS X email client I’ve ever used, and it just plain makes sense. Well, mscott has fixed the problem for Thunderbird 2!

8 thoughts on “Thunderbird: Finally, command-n makes a new message on Mac OS X

  1. It was the inheritance from SeaMonkey…

    command+n for a new browser window and command+m for a new message…

    (n standing for navigator and m for message, well)

    Off course I agree command+n should be used, as Thunderbird doesn’t own navigator windows…

  2. This is great news to make it more Mac like. It would also be great if the tab controls used on Mac OS X for Firefox/Thunderbird were updated to be more like the Panther/Tiger tab controls in their look and feel. Outside my area of expertise, but these look ugly today compared to a Mac native app like Camino (which I love) or Safari.

    Thanks in advance!

  3. Damn, I’m going to be hitting command+m now in Thunderbird 2 as I’m getting use to it. 😉 Any chance you can get a shortcut command for paste without formatting?

  4. You rule, Josh. Thanks for entertaining me for 4 days. Thank your friends for me as well… everyone was very helpful. See you soon!

  5. To paste without formatting with thunderbird (in Windows anyway, mabye it’s also ok for Max):

    1. Close Thunderbird and Firefox

    2. Edit the pref.js file in Application Data/Thunderbird/Profiles/qwertqwreqewqw/pref.js.

    3. Paste anywhere the two lines:

    user_pref(“keyconfig.main.xxx_key__Paste With Formatting”, “control shift][V][][goDoCommand(‘cmd_paste’);”);
    user_pref(“keyconfig.main.xxx_key__Paste Without Formatting”, “control][V][][goDoCommand(‘cmd_pasteNoFormatting’);”);

    4. Et voil. CTRL V makes a PasteWithoutFormatting, CTRL SHIT V makes a normal Paste.

    Change the keys if you wish.

    Hopes it helps.

    Taken from:

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