Northern Lights

Last night when driving home through central Wisconsin my friend thought he saw the northern lights. We stopped the car and got out to look without headlights and sure enough, it was the northern lights and they were really really bright. As I was standing there looking at the lights I was thinking that people hundreds of years ago (before we had an explanation for the lights) must have been totally awestruck and amazed by them in a way that I just can’t be because I have a basic understanding of what they are. Its not the beautiful unknown any more, its just beautiful. I sort of wish I could see spectacular things like that with my naked eye that I don’t understand at all, just to feel what it is like. I know I can see the stars and the milky way and there is a lot that we don’t understand out there, but there is a lot that we do understand and the normal night sky is just not as spectacular as the northern lights on a good night.

6 thoughts on “Northern Lights

  1. Hello Josh,

    I didn’t see an email address so I’m trying to contact you here.

    This is probably very random…but I was interested in the possibility of using the sandcastle image from the Sept. ’05 picture blogs for one of our band’s Japanese releases.

    Please contact me at the posted email if you’d like to discuss it.


    Mitch Cheney

  2. Josh, I used to feel the same way about shark mating. What really happens during that mystical dance between two blood thirsty predators of the deep? Then I turned on the nature channel to find out some male sharks actually have two “appendages” and their mating dance is more like a brutal attack. Gone is the feeling of awe.
    I’m super jealous that you got to see the northern lights. By the way, every email I send out to you gets returned from the mail delivery subsystem. How can I reach you?


  3. This IS a random question, but can’t find anyone else to ask:
    When I updated Firefox (on my Mac) it now no longer automatically connects when I click on a link in an
    (ex: email with a link….when clicked it gives an
    error message about “no application associated”—when it used to automatically connect to the internet to that website.)
    Please advise. thanks~

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