Switched to T-Mobile

Today I switched to T-Mobile from Sprint. I was a little worried about how complicated it would be to transfer a number, but it was all really easy and they had my T-Mobile phone working with the same number in a couple of minutes! They even canceled my Sprint account for me, so I didn’t have to mess with that.

Here’s why I switched:

– T-Mobile costs $12/month less than my Sprint plan, and its better.
– I hate my current Sprint phone, and in order to buy one from them that I like I’d have to pay about the same amount as my contract cancellation fee.
– My calls are clearer on T-Mobile. Sprint was kind of cruddy, at least in my area.
– T-Mobile gives you a Motorola RAZR v3 phone for $50 when you sign up. Really long battery life, thin, and cheap.
– Everybody knows T-Mobile is more punk rock than Sprint.

6 thoughts on “Switched to T-Mobile

  1. I *just* switched from T-Mobile from Sprint plan. I was trying to switch to ATT/Cingular but they were being very lame. I’ve been having a hard time because I’m on a family plan.

    Anyway, I got the samsung t509 because the woman on the phone said the Razr sucked.

    If T-Mobile doesn’t work well for me, you’re in trouble. šŸ˜‰

    But if it does work out ok, I will yell “Josh is my hero” when you come and visit next time.

    Oh and Catherine Zeta Jones is hot.

  2. You should get the T-Mobile SDA instead, the best phone ever. Windows Mobile 5 is pretty good, I put a 2GB card in it and loaded it up with MP3s, with the Edge network I can get about 100kbps on the Internet, I haven’t been able to get Minimo to work on it but pocket IE is functional, I can listen to Shoutcast stations and radio stations with internet streams as well as Sirius radio (Howard Stern on my phone!), got the client for SlingBox, I also use it as a USB thumb drive, got an app for recoding phone conversations, connects to my POP3 email and also my work Exchange email and calendar, I got a Game Boy emulator for it with a ton of ROMs, it’s got Wi-Fi, a decent camera, I got a FM transmitter on it so I can listen to my MP3s and internet music in my car, I got a nice Bluetooth stereo headphone for it (though I had to mess with the ROM to get A2DP for Bluetooth stereo), I got a VPN client and a SSH client to connect to my servers at work (though it is a little hard to type with it).

    I could go on, but it’s just the best phone I’ve ever seen anywhere. You could also look at the TMobile MDA which is more of a PDA with phone on the side, but I like the SDA better because it’s more of a phone with a PDA on the side.

    I think you still have time to switch the phone, I think you get 14 days. So switch!

    PS. Your preview button wipes the text boxes.

  3. I was happy with T-Mobile when I first signed up with them. The thing that clinched it was several months later, halfway through the contract at most, when I received a letter that said, essentially, “We’ve noticed that you’re not using all the minutes available on your current plan. Would you like to switch to a cheaper one?”

    Good service *and* they made an effort to save me money when they could have kept charging me extra? (The only options “missing” from the cheaper plan were options I wasn’t using in the first place.) I had no qualms about renewing once the contract was up!

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