Cocoa Firefox Builds Reminder

I already posted about the availability of Cocoa Firefox builds – we got some great bug reports and feedback from testers. I just want to remind everyone that they are still available and getting better every week! We can always use more testers and bug reporters. Click here to download.

5 thoughts on “Cocoa Firefox Builds Reminder

  1. Hi

    Why is it that plug-ins are incompatible? I thought that plug-ins were implemented with XUL, and that was OS independant?

    I’d love to help testing, but I really cannot live a minute without the Web Developer toolbar due to work commitments. (and unfortunately we cannot run multiple versions of Firefox)

    If there was a way to run that toolbar, I would switch in a flash

    Will keep an eye on this project… thanks heaps for your efforts

  2. The bookmark bar menus are still messed up for me:

    On Carbonfox you can click a folder and move to another folder and it’ll open that one (like the main menu bar), in Cocoafox it either doesn’t work – the Safari behavior which I’d rather not see adopted but could adapt to though the more like Safari that Firefox gets the less reasons I have to use Firefox, etc. – or partially works and then menu highlights disappear. The version I tried yesterday also had some folder menus, like the 10th one plus all those to the right of that one, displayed in the wrong position (down the screen a bit). I’ve been using builds off the main trunk (which is still Carbonfox) so haven’t been bothered enough to check bug reports but is bookmark bar brokenness a known issue or should I find my login info and file a bug?

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