4 thoughts on “David Baron on Firefox 2 Theme Issues

  1. I think some criticism points must be added

    – the design team started a theme discussion, some months ago, which some examples which are completely out of reach
    – they answered to no question
    – they answered to no suggestion
    – they worked then some months behind closed doors and even the design observer team has nothing seen all the time
    – i know some of the observer team, which are now completely frustrated, because nothing of their contradicting will and was be regarded.
    – they are months to late with the new theme
    – the goal to be native was completely ignored
    – they worked only dilettantish (almost every detail, in the new theme, was modify on the branch builds many, many times – have they ever build a prototype?)
    – they have never show mock-ups for MacOS and Linux
    – they worked more or less only on some icons and some tab features (far to less for some months of work, and the result is that on the Mac theme nothing passed together)

    The guys behind the new theme failed absolutely.
    The whole design progress plan failed absolutely.
    Mozilla should really seriously think about all the mistakes (and should seach for sure new guys for the theme part).


  2. Dao, it shouldn’t just be native for Gnomestripe, it should be native for all operating systems. The fact is that the theme was not discussed with the native-OS requirement in-mind at all, and they’re trying to make up for it after the fact.

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