Cocoa Widgets are Default on Trunk

As of about 2 minutes ago, Cocoa widgets have been turned on by default on the trunk. There are a few regressions I’m working on fixing now, but all in all it is quite usable. I am not going to miss Carbon widgets – this is a huge step forward for Mozilla on Mac OS X. Next up – goodbye Quickdraw gfx, hello Quartz Cairo.

16 thoughts on “Cocoa Widgets are Default on Trunk

  1. Hi, thanks
    nice and still buggy 😉

    to make it not worthless, please kick and smack
    Conner and Beltzner every day, in the next weeks, until they do their job right – and please say it came from me 😉

  2. oh, yeah, thanks, I was just too excited, I figured it out, LOL, great work, I tried experimental cocoa build before, looking forward for this one.

  3. “waits for the total misunderstanding of Cocoa Firefox to circulate around the web”

    New Firefox Trunk, with more chocolatey flavor in every bite!

    Wait, that’s not what it means? 😉

  4. I just downloaded a nightly build of Firefox. I am amazed at the improvement. Its 100% better than it was before. Its beginning to “feel” like it belongs iwth Mac OS X. I”m assuming that the build I have has the new Cocoa features now in it. So yes, its made a huge difference!

  5. I would like someone to make a way so people can like when ever they make a tap of a picture you can say it quickly so you dont have to go back and look at it all u do is save the big picture as soon as it opens up in a tap it saves quick and easy to a file of your choice that would be a graet idea.. For people whow ant to download a whole libery of picturse from one gallery on the net.. 🙂 so fun

  6. Josh,
    Sorry to switch topics, but I came across an old entry and have a question for you about switching from Thunderbird to Entourage. (I wasn’t able to post a comment there)

    Do you have any advice for importing my mail folders from T to E. I have been searching for awhile, but haven’t found any solutions. The import menu in Entourage doesn’t give me an option to import my T-bird folders.

  7. Yeah, the Oct. 11 still has those ugly widgets. I guess cocoa was not ready so they pulled it. Interesting preview, anyhow.

  8. It’s still using Cocoa widgets, they just turned off the Aqua appearance until it’s a bit less buggy or something.

    Lack of Aqua doesn’t bother me as much as bugginess and the ugly default theme. Whoever approved that theme should be forced to use it.

    Josh, tell us about the fixed scrolling, was this just incidental fixage or was there an actual bug for FF/Camino? This is the first time Firefox has had accelerated scrolling on the Mac in forever.

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