Building Firefox on Mac OS X 10.5

I got Firefox building and running on Mac OS X 10.5 tonight. Here are some tips on doing it, for anyone who’s curious.

– Install darwinports via source (not the installer). This step seriously takes 30 seconds. Read the README.
– Use darwinports to install dependencies like libidl, autoconf213.
– Build with basically whatever mozconfig you want, just make sure you’re using the 10.4u SDK. Earlier SDKs probably work, but the native SDK has some glitches and doesn’t work. You’re better off with 10.4u anyway in basically every situation. I’ll be filing bugs with Apple if the problems with the native SDK turn out to be theirs.

The fact that this works with no patches to our souce code is amazing – it’s a tribute to the quality of opendarwin, Mac OS X 10.5, and our own codebase. Those three pieces of software have come a long way over the past few years.

7 thoughts on “Building Firefox on Mac OS X 10.5

  1. “It’s called MacPorts, not DarwinPorts”

    Call the project whatever you want, but the software I used is called darwinports. The MacPorts project has yet to release any software under that name.

  2. “Use darwinports to install dependencies like libidl, autoconf213.”

    Great instructions… dependencies “like” them, what other dependencies are there, why not say exactly what you did.

    This post is worse than useless. Why did you even bother saying anything if you’re going to be so vague? Unless your intention was only to show off and tell the world what a “1337 OSX0r`z h4x0r`z!*(#*&!@#(*&*@#&(@” you are.

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