New things to play with!

The last couple of weeks have been packed with new things to play with!

First of all, Firefox 2 was released. Congrats to everyone involved in getting that out the door!

Secondly, Apple released new MacBook Pro laptops with Core 2 Duo processors. I’m ordering one to replace my aging PowerBook G4 which is my personal machine (I use a G5 tower for work most of the time these days). They look really awesome and I can’t wait for it to arrive!

Third, Fedora Core 6 has been released. I have been using and working on various versions of Red Hat and Fedora Linux for quite a few years now and it is always fun to see how it progresses. I’m sure some time in the next month I’ll stay up until 4 AM tinkering with this new release, just as I have been doing since I was in high school.

Fourth, the new Ubuntu Linux (6.10) has been released. I’m sure a night in the near future will be devoted to playing with this new release just like Fedora Core 6, except Ubuntu wasn’t around when I was in high school so its sort of a newer tradition! Ubuntu is probably the most innovative and impressive Linux distribution in existence right now, so I’m really excited.

Fifth, Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 was released. I hear Microsoft put a lot of effort into this and I am intensely curious about it. Regardless of how it stacks up against Firefox, I’m expecting good things.

If only *every* couple of weeks we got all this great new stuff!

2 thoughts on “New things to play with!

  1. IE7 is going to confuse people like crazy. The menus (file, edit, tools, etc) are off by default, and even I find that a bit unnerving. It’s just hard to find where anything is anymore.

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