When I went home for Thanksgiving I met the two kittens my parents “inherited.” They found the kittens in a dumpster, very sick and with their eyes stuck shut. My parents got them all fixed up, got them their shots at the vet, and were going to give them away. However, within a month they had won my parents over by being really entertaining and cute, and now my parents are keeping them. My parents have alway given animals from dogs to rabbits to hamsers a good home, so those are some lucky kittens. This is all pretty surprising though because prior to the arrival of these kittens in their life my parents *really* didn’t like cats. I never thought I’d see the day when they even considered having one, let alone two.

Jay-Z is Back!

Jay-Z is back with an album called “Kingdom Come,” to be released on November 21st (iirc). I can’t wait! I just listened to the single “Show Me What You Got,” the only track released so far, and it’s great. Of course. Hopefully he’ll go on tour. This isn’t really news at this point, but I’m particularly excited now after finally hearing the single.