What A View

I have a big window next to my desk where I work during the day. It overlooks an alleyway and on the other side is an apartment building. Some might say it’s a shame to look on a building wall like that, but I would disagree in this case. For one, it isn’t a distracting view, which is great because I need to get work done. Secondly, the building has vines all over its walls. The vines are beautiful in the summer, and during the winter they are still beautiful but in a sort of melancholy way like Elliott Smith songs. Third, my neighbors have nice curtains (it helps – we’re talking about the side of a building!). And last but certainly not least there is a cat named Simba that likes to sit in the window opposite me. With another living being across from me most of the day it’s hard to feel like I’m alone, which I often appreciate since I work by myself. Today I took a picture of Simba in his window, below.

3 thoughts on “What A View

  1. I can see what you mean when you’re referring to the
    vines in wintertime, the cat totally complements the picture.

    Great working spot you got there going Mr. Aas πŸ™‚

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