Two things about cats is a coincidence!

Having two posts in a row about cats is pure coincidence, I swear. I’m not even into cats. Now that those two things are the only things on the page it makes this look like a cat weblog, which it is not. Its just that I don’t have much to say about Mozilla at the moment, which is what this is really for…

Actually, I have one thing to say about Mozilla right now. Check out the latest trunk nightly builds of Firefox. They are getting pretty awesome! Way better than the Mac OS X Gecko 1.9a1.

6 thoughts on “Two things about cats is a coincidence!

  1. Where are the mines? There were no explosions when I installed and launched Firefox 3 (alpha)! It hasn’t crashed once yet.

    I like the nifty interface animation enhancement in the Preferences though — it jiggles like a bowel of jello! What do you call this animation? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Now, seriously. On a first run, this is majorly good! Camino is still first out of the gate but Firefox is now nipping at its heals.

    This is really fantastic work. Thanks for all your hard work!


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