Finally got a Wii! (and an HDTV to go with it)

My roommate and I finally got a Nintendo Wii and a 32-inch flat panel HDTV to go with it. So far it is fantastic! Wii Tennis is amazing!

11 thoughts on “Finally got a Wii! (and an HDTV to go with it)

  1. I enjoy Wii Sports very much as well. Did you get the component video cables for running it in 480p? Also, what do you think of the weather channel and the internet channel?

  2. We got a Wii for christmas, get Zelda, it rocks.

    The internet channel is cool, you can use the wiimote to scroll & pan and zoom in and out. Flash works, so mySpace works fine.

    Need to get firefox on the wii somehow 🙂


  3. I have to say the Weather Channel is fantastic! Got a Wii yesterday and the first thing I did was check the local conditions. Then the conditions in Casa Blanca. Then the conditions in the South Pole. GOD I LOVE THIS THING!

  4. Yep, the wii is great and the opera is great but Firefox would be better. I’m Using it now to write this post. The Ps3 sucks.

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