Break it up, bucko

I started landing pieces of my Mac OS X native theme rewrite. Native theming is not turned on for content in Firefox yet, I’ll flip the switch when the majority of it has landed and things are working well.

Originally I had it in my head that I was going to post a monster patch that just *poof* fixed native theming on Mac OS X and turned it all on. Turns out that this is more complicated than I thought it would be and I was ignoring some lessons I’ve learned in the past about monster patches. Now I’m breaking up my big patch into digestable chunks and it is making things much easier.

3 thoughts on “Break it up, bucko

  1. Josh,

    Hi from Maryland.

    I’m on a Mac and just used LineBreak in five test posts of ASCII text to a Yahoo board.

    I have been plagued and pissed for years at seeing the “long line, short line…long line, short line” appearance of text I post to e-boards or Yahoo groups from a Mac.

    In sequential trials I posted a continuous string of text in Mac and UNIX and DOS text (using LineBreak) and even tried two more posts — one in UNICODE and one in Windows Latin. I was sure it was the line feed or line break and character return stuff that was the culprit.

    But no matter what flavor of text I pasted and posted there, I got the same “misbroken” lines in the text.

    Do you have any idea what causes this? I’ll get to a PC tomorrow but I think the material will still appear “broken incorrectly” when viewed from a PC.

    Feel free to please write me at my email address here.


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