NPAPI Plugin SDK and Documentation

I have to implement NPAPI drawing models soon, so in preparation I have been updating our MDC Plugin documentation and sorting out our plugin SDK situation.

Our plugin SDK situation isn’t good right now. We have Windows and Linux SDKs from mid-2005 and that is all. The new plugin SDK page at MDC should keep people informed about the situation. I hope to have new SDKs up for all three platforms sometime soon.

My short-term plan is to finish migrating project page information from to MDC, kill off the project page so we stop confusing people, and get new SDKs posted for all platforms. After that, I hope to clean up our sample plugin situation (organize the sample plugins, get them all building on the appropriate platforms), but that might take a little longer. I also want to get a system in place for periodically updating SDKs, perhaps only for major releases at first (which would still be a huge step forward).

A huge thank-you goes out to Eric Shepherd, who I’m pretty sure is responsible for most of the awesome NPAPI plugin docs section on MDC. You can’t imagine how surprised and happy I was today when I saw all of that great information organized nicely in one place!

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