Mozilla Layout and DOM Architecture Videos

I heard that David Baron and Johnny Stenback gave some very informative talks about Gecko’s layout and DOM architecture, but until today I wasn’t able to find the videos. They don’t seem to be posted anywhere that people might easily find them, so here you go.

Johnny Stenback – DOM Architecture (Dec. 8th, 2006)
David Baron – Layout Architecture (Dec. 14th, 2006)

Note: Streaming videos that are this large can hit servers pretty hard. I certainly encourage anyone who wants to watch and learn to do so, but these aren’t for the weak so if you’re really not getting anything out of it please help save some bandwidth and don’t watch them.

5 thoughts on “Mozilla Layout and DOM Architecture Videos

  1. Actually, I uploaded most of them to a month or two ago.

    Although, that reminds me, jst’s video failed during the uploaded, and I never got around to correcting that (and updating the Wiki, sigh…).

    As for the copyright, I was told they were all Creative Commons’d and fine for redistribution.

  2. A simple email to jst and dbaron would clear up and licensing requirements, but usually content that’s posted to MDC is licensed as cc-by-sa (note: not nc!) meaning that you could easily YouTube/Google Video the content as long as you attribute it properly.

    I think it should probably be done, and probably be called Mozilla Developer Lecture Series or something, or tagged as “mozilla, developer, architecture, overview” or whatever.

    Take the lead, Josh! 🙂

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