Cape Cod

I spent Sunday and part of Monday with my friends Ryan and Ashley on Cape Cod, in a town called Chatham. It was beautiful. Ryan’s parents live there so we stayed at their house.

One of my favorite things about Cape Cod was that I knew very little about the environment there. I had all sorts of questions about what kinds of fish and wildlife they have there, and I got to see a lot of it. We saw horseshoe crabs (mating no less!), hermit crabs, huge snails, a big hawk, and a few other things. We even dug up a couple of littleneck clams! We reburied the clams, partly because apparently that is illegal without a permit but I was curious. I learned that they don’t really have sharks there, they are so rare they are never even seen near land. I saw a huge number of different dead critters, including spider crabs, razor clams, and a bunch of other shellfish.

Josh and Ryan on sand dunes on Cape Cod
Me (right) and Ryan (left) on a sand dune

Mating horseshoe crabs
Mating horseshoe crabs

One thought on “Cape Cod

  1. I had a great visit to see friends working at the Woods Hole Oceanographic place some(!) years back – really enjoyed it – despite a lot of storm damage to the roads and the fall foliage had all gone!

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