Caroline Smith

I met some friends at the 400 Bar in Minneapolis tonight and saw a singer called Caroline Smith. I didn’t know she was playing, I’ve never heard of her before, I just picked the 400 Bar tonight sort of randomly. Anyway, it was one of the best shows I’ve seen in years. Its been so long since I’ve had my breath taken away by a live band. It wasn’t a flashy afair, but the beauty of it more than made up for that.

I haven’t listened to the music on her myspace page yet, but I can definitely vouch for her live shows and her CD ($3, hand made, each one unique!). She plays every Wednesday night at the 400 Bar at 9 PM. I’ll be there.

2 thoughts on “Caroline Smith

  1. Agreed, that show was awesome. I figured I was just in awe because I don’t go to many live shows. Good to know you thought it was awesome too. I keep listening to the CD though its not as great as it was live. She doesn’t have the band or some of the sound effects. I think I’m in love Josh….


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