Firefox Mac OS X Native Form Controls Preview 2

I landed some more Mac OS X native form controls work on the trunk so I thought I’d post another build. This still has some patches that haven’t landed yet but we’re much closer!

Click to download:
Firefox 3.0a5pre with native form controls (Universal, Intel & PPC)

8 thoughts on “Firefox Mac OS X Native Form Controls Preview 2

  1. Those builds are using Camino’s widget implementation in Firefox, which means they inherit all of Camino’s widget issues (messed up focus rings, lack of almost any styleablity, weird conflicts with certain CSS, etc.). The new code is taking a lot of rough edges off of Camino’s widgets.

  2. David, that’s because some CSS-specified color (in that case grey) is painting on top of the Aqua select widget; Josh has a bug open on that.

    I believe the inability to customize the toolbar is also a known bug (unrelated to this build).

  3. 1. Thanks Josh for the PPC build. Getting very close, indeed.

    2. @ David. The buttons in your screenshot are styled with some background-color and border. The Minefield build applies that styling where-as Safari completely ignores all author styling on buttons. This will change in future versions of Safari, though (and the nightly builds of WebKit already style the form controls).

  4. Ah, I see. It would be nice to see the little bugs worked out in the widget rendering. It looks like my next browser will be a showdown between Safari in Leopard or Firefox 3.0. For now I guess I’ll just have to settle with being dissapointed with the state of Mac web browsers in general.

  5. Smokey & Philippe, thanks for the info. I’m actually running Shiira v1.2.3 on webkit so having a preview of the form controls. Is there some cross fertilization to Camino on these widgets?

  6. First off, great work. It’s definitely fixing a major deficiency in Firefox on the Mac side.

    That being said, one thing I’ve noticed is that the aqua buttons don’t look quite right, at least when compared to Safari or Camino. For instance, at, the button text as displayed Firefox is a little bit too big, and the button endcaps have a different radius or something – they look more streamlined than in Safari or Camino, and thus not quite right.

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