Back from WWDC

I got home today from a fantastic but tiring 10-day trip to the bay area. So much happened that the idea of blogging about all of it makes my fingers ache so I’m just going to write about a few things.

WWDC was pretty good despite the so-so keynote. I learned a lot about Xcode 3, dtrace and its front-end app Xray, and the future of Mac OS X in terms of APIs and system architecture. However, as usual, WWDC is all about the people you spend time getting to know between the sessions. I got some good advice about Mac OS X gecko issues and I was able to help some people with NPAPI plugins on Mac OS X. I was told by multiple people I hadn’t met before that they read my blog and I’m flattered – hi guys!

On Saturday and Sunday I drove down to the valley during the day to attend the Camino meetup. It was basically a 10-hour presentation/discussion led by Mike Pinkerton, and I think it was pretty productive. I certainly feel more informed about the state of the project and it was great to meet a lot of the newer Camino hackers and community members. Mike Pinkerton announced that he has a 50,000 line patch ready to go that makes Camino use WebKit instead of Gecko, and he’s going to land it next week. I was all like r++++++… Just kidding! Sorry Dave.

Of course no WWDC week and following weekend would be complete without some nights out on the town and 2007 was no exception. Food-wise, the theme for this trip was Italian – I had so many big, wonderful Italian meals that I probably won’t need to eat for the next week. Fresh tomatoes and mozarella, ravioli stuffed with pumpkin and mustard fruit and amaretti, papardelle pasta with mushroom white sauce and pine nuts, gnocchi, polenta with sauteed mushrooms, and bottles of Chianti and Peroni. We managed to find restaurants with excellent charismatic servers, a critical part of any great Italian meal. Saturday I went to a speakeasy-style party at a house on a hill near Haight-Ashbury. Everyone dressed up, there was lots of dancing and a balcony that overlooked half the city from on high – quite a sight at night.

I spent Monday at the office and flew home today (Tuesday). I’m really tired now. Strangely enough, after such a fun week, I’m looking forward to sitting at home fully rested and coding every day for the next while. I actually miss doing that already!

7 thoughts on “Back from WWDC

  1. I still wonder how relevant Camino would be with WebKit. Previously the big perk of Camino was using a beautiful app with the Gecko engine, which a fair number of sites support (still more than WebKit/KHTML). What you gave up was extensions.

    On WebKit… what’s the advantage over Safari/Firefox?

    What I see is similar to how OminiWeb failed to keep it’s marketshare once Safari came out. It was Safari with a slightly different UI.

  2. Josh, you should now write a 49.500 line patch to make Safari use Gecko 🙂
    Joking aside, it sounds like WWDC was quite refreshing. I’m looking forward to all the little things you’ll fix/implement/improve.

    Camino would probably be completely irrelevant if it used WebKit, and it would lose part of its current functionality. (personally, I wouldn’t use it anymore, I don’t think)

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