Gecko 1.9M8 Mac OS X Goodness

Gecko 1.9M8 is coming soon, here is a summary of the most significant Mac OS X improvements in this release:

  • Focus issues have been sorted out, the annoying can’t-type-in-textfields bug is gone.
  • Native form control improvements. Forms look and function better than ever. Fixes to CSS-stylabity as well.
  • Performance improvements in various areas (including launch time, the menu bar, and graphics/drawing).
  • Lots of text rendering fixes.
  • Windows, tooltips, and context menus should behave better on multiple-monitor systems.

For Gecko1.9M9 on Mac OS X we will be focusing on the following areas in particular:

  • Key handling (menu shortcuts, event propagation, event targeting)
  • Browser responsiveness, perceived performance. Bug 395397 in particular will hopefully lead to a much smoother experience for our users. We won’t pause pageloads whenever users click or open menus, we won’t stop plugins from playing/updating (think YouTube) when users are clicking elsewhere or interacting with menus.
  • More work on rendering native form controls, particularly under transformations such as transparency, rotation, and scaling.
  • Dependent/modal window behavior.

3 thoughts on “Gecko 1.9M8 Mac OS X Goodness

  1. Haven’t tried it in the past week or so, but it still seems slower than Firefox 2.0 and even eqiv builds on Windows especially when scrolling on a larger page. Hopefully this will start looking better. I’ve got to download a more recent build and take it for a spin.

  2. Have you updated the controls used in dialogs to use the modern 10.3 and later controls now that Mozilla 1.9 no longer goes back below 10.3? It would be great to have this fixed, because it will look much better now that you run only on modern Macs.

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