Firefox on Mac OS X 10.5

Mozilla is planning to ship Firefox, a security and stability update to Firefox, within the next day. Since Firefox is going to be the latest official release of Firefox when Mac OS X 10.5 is release on October 26th, I wanted to say a few words about support for running it on the new OS.

Firefox is quite usable on Mac OS X 10.5, but there are some serious bugs that we are aware of. Here is a quick list of some of the more serious and bothersome ones:

  • Installing the Flashgot plugin will trigger security warnings when you restart. This appears to be because Flashgot contains executable binaries that trigger new security warnings in Mac OS X 10.5. Installing Flashgot is safe, but you will have to click through those warnings. Do not click “Cancel” or your browser may enter a bad state.
  • Embedded WMV media using the Flip4Mac plugin renders at 1/4 size.
  • The Advanced Preferences tabs render incorrectly.
  • Firefox does not download to the new Downloads directory by default yet. It still defaults to the desktop. You can change your download destination manually.

We have reports of other problems that we have yet to confirm, including crashes resulting from certain uncommon UI interactions. We are currently planning to resolve all of these issues in Firefox

There are two new features in Mac OS X 10.5 for which we are not planning to add support. We will not be supporting resolution-independent UI and we will not have the new rounded-corner context menus. The technologies at the core of Firefox 2 for Mac OS X (e.g. Quickdraw) simply do not allow for us to add support for those features in a safe way at this time. The good news is that very few users will need resolution-independent UI support or notice the lack of it, and the context menu issue is purely aesthetic. You can look forward to support for both features in Firefox 3.

Please enjoy Firefox on Mac OS X keeping these things in mind! I will be posting updates on our Firefox progress here.

11 thoughts on “Firefox on Mac OS X 10.5

  1. Hey Philippe….lemme know what other “issues” you’re referring to with regards to Flip4Mac and 10.5. I’d like to get that info straight to them, and find out the status. Be as detailed as you want.

  2. Hey, idle curiosity here; why are the system requirements for the Mac version so high? The ram I can see; OS X is a bit of a pig. But 200MB disk? Versus 56MB on other platforms? Might this be related to initial launch times on said platform?

    PS. I loves my Firefox. Your work is much appreciated!

  3. Rupert – it’s probably because it’s a universal binary, and so contains the full build for both intel and powerpc. Still seems a little high, though!

  4. Hi,

    First let me say that I love firefox, thank you for your gift to the world.

    Just wanted to add here, FWIW, I am having problems with HTML select elements on OS 10.5 in FF They frequently refuse to drop down their options. At first I thought it was just a problem with my own development but I’ve found this happening on other random websites now too, but I have yet to nail down the exact conditions. In my case, I am developing an application where I need to set display: none on an HTML select element in the css, but set to display: block onclick of another element on the page. If you had never set the display: none in the first place it works fine, but if it is ever set to display: none and then set to display: block later, the drop down will not function.

    Keep up the good work!

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