A Go! Team Halloween

My roommate Sean and I went with a couple of friends to see Josh Wink at Fluid in Queens Village. We thought that was going to make for an awesome Halloween night, but we had no idea what was in store for us. On the way there we just happened to walk right in front of a theater where The Go! Team was about to go on stage and there were tickets left! We ran to the ticket window and were inside within in a minute, just in time for the first song. We had no trouble getting up near the front. They were so great! If ever there was a band to dance to with everything you’ve got… To make things even better, we happened to be dancing right next to the people who live across the hall from us in our apartment building. We had just gotten to know them last weekend when they threw an excellent Halloween party.

After The Go! Team, we went on to see Josh Wink around the corner. That was also really fun and there were a lot of great costumes. I dressed up like Tony Hawk and got punched in the head once because people can’t resist taking a shot at a guy wearing a helmet.

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