Recent Fun, Jay-Z, Mary J and SF

I’ve been really busy with Firefox 3 lately but I found some time to have fun.

Last weekend my friend Marissa and I saw Jay-Z and Mary J Blige at the United Center in Chicago. It was amazing of course. In addition to some duets, Mary J and Jay-Z went for an hour each. Mary J was really energetic and soulful, I felt like she was as excited to be there as I was. Same for Jay-Z. They played most of my favorite songs and we did a lot of dancing. The lighting and video presentation looked like it would be overwhelming at first, but it was tastefully done (would you expect anything less from Jay-Z?) and added quite a bit to the feel of the concert.

I’m in CA now for some Mozilla 2 planning work. The weather here was great over the weekend. Friday night Suzanne and I went on our usual outing in the Mission, The Attic for whiskey and then El Farolito for vegetarian super-burritos. Saturday my friend Shannon and I drank mimosas in Dolores Park and then I spent all of Sunday at Stanford Law’s graduation. Congratulations Matt! I’m really proud of Matt and excited for him to move into our beautiful new house in West Philly on June 1st. Matt got a great clerkship with a judge in Philadelphia and will be living with me in Philly for the next year.

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