Gecko 1.9.1 Mac OS X Plans

We’ve started working on Gecko 1.9.1 for Mac OS X. It is early in the development cycle and things could change, but I want to give people an idea of what we’re planning on doing as of now.

Aside from the usual bug squashing, we’re going to focus on minimizing Carbon usage and getting ready for 64-bit. Gecko 1.9.0 is generally Cocoa-based but it still contains a modest amount of Carbon and other code that is not 64-bit-ready. We’re probably not going to be Carbon-free or 64-bit-ready for the Gecko 1.9.1 release, but we can make a lot of progress.

  • I’m adding support for NPAPI plugin event model negotiation and the Cocoa event model in bug 435041. This will allow for Carbon-free plugins and is major step towards 64-bit Gecko on Mac OS X.
  • I’m working on new file system interaction code for Mac OS X in bug 438694. The goal of this work is modern and clean 64-bit-ready code that uses supported APIs.
  • I’m also hoping to rewrite our print dialog implementation in Cocoa. It is one of the few components that are still completely Carbon-based.

We’ll also be doing some long-overdue general cleanup and performance work.

  • I have rewritten much of our native menu code in bug 433952. We’re doing this to improve code size, code clarity and run-time speed. The new implementation is completely decomtaminated, ~700 lines of code lighter, better organized and much easier to understand. In the future we will be able to make changes and fix bugs much faster. It will also be easier to port this new implementation to other platforms that want native menus, such as mobile GTK.
  • Our child view and top-level window code is very complicated – some of that we can’t help, but there are steps we could take to make it easier to understand and work with. I’m hoping to do some re-factoring and documentation work for Gecko 1.9.1.
  • We’re planning to expand our widget testing framework to include things like focus testing and more advanced key handling tests.

There will probably not be many new Mac-specific platform features added to Gecko 1.9.1, but there are at least a couple of nice ones on the way.

  • Atul Varma is adding support for HTML data on the system clipboard in bug 428096.
  • James Bunton and others have worked together in bug 125995 to add support for taking proxy settings from Mac OS X network preferences.

12 thoughts on “Gecko 1.9.1 Mac OS X Plans

  1. Keep up the good work! We are quite a lot of Mac Users waiting for your hard work!

    Support for Services (even partial), and on the Firefox side (not your direct job as it is not directly Gecko), Cmd-Shift-Del would be the two more enhancement I would like to see.

    But one thing after the other: each Firefox/Gecko release is a progress on the Mac. Mozilla’s goal of making Firefox a better browser than Safari on the Mac is become little by little true.

  2. Please don’t drop PowerPC support this early. As I understand it, Snow Leopard is still at least a year out, and Gecko 1.9.1 is aimed at later this year, correct?

    I’ve got a PowerBook that’s running Leopard perfectly well, and it would be a shame not to be able to use the latest version of Firefox on the latest version of the OS.

  3. My biggest peeve with FF3 right now is that ⌘? takes me to some Mozilla help page instead of the Help menu search. This seems to break common Mac UI behaviour.

  4. To be fair Tom, FF3 is a huge improvement over FF2 and if anything has shown that the Mozilla project is making solid strides in OS integration on ALL platforms, something that Apple doesn’t do with their Windows applications for example.

  5. Mac OS rules!:))but recently, many people begin to transform from mac fans to Linux:)am I right?By the way, I think PowerPc support in Gecko 1.9.1 must be dropped:)

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