Josh and Kelsey on WPRB Princeton

Kelsey and I have a radio show called “Hey Paisley” on Thursday nights from 8-10 PM Eastern. That’s 5-7 PM Pacific. I forgot to write about this before, the fun has been going on all summer! We play music from a variety of genres like indie rock, folk, hard rock, punk, electronic, soul, and hip-hop. Essentially, whatever we like. The only thing the songs have in common is that they’re all really great.

You can listen at 103.3 FM from the outskirts of New York, NY, through Philadelphia, PA, and into Wilmington, DE. That’s 14,000 watts of stereo power, making WPRB one of the strongest community radio stations in the world!

You can also listen online at, just click “listen now.”

2 thoughts on “Josh and Kelsey on WPRB Princeton

  1. Didn’t catch this in time last night, but I checked out the playlist and it looks pretty good. Will definitely tune in next week!

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