Sunday in NYC

New York is a fantastic city. I spend a fair amount of time there and today was just such a nice day I feel like writing about it.

I woke up this morning at a friend’s place in Spanish Harlem, the sun shining brightly through the windows – it was a beautiful day. We walked to a bakery and got coffee and croissants, then we walked to a nearby park and watched a largely Puerto Rican baseball game for an hour while we drank our coffee. The players were probably 14 years old and having a lot of fun. A guy rode by on a bicycle flying about ten Puerto Rican flags, honking a little horn constantly and smiling at everybody.

After the game I walked South, from E 112th & 2nd to around E 78th & Madison. It is a nice walk, interesting because you get to see the transition from Spanish Harlem to the wealthy Upper East Side. My friend is a teacher and she was recently talking to her kids about health. She suggested focusing on what food is readily available on each block of the walk. Nutrient value, pricing, cuisine diversity… speaks volumes.

Madison Avenue on the Upper East Side has a lot of fashionable clothing stores and some great people-watching. I ended up having lunch with Hal Hackady at a diner near there, where he introduced me to rice pudding with whipped cream and chocolate sauce and gave me some good advice about new strolls through Central Park. Hal also drew a picture of me on a napkin while I was staring off at something:

Drawing of Josh by Hal

I like that he didn’t use a clean napkin.

After Hal and I parted ways I headed into Central Park and watched people sail little boats in the pool near 75th on the East side of the park. It is a busy part of the park on weekends, but sitting there on weekdays can be really peaceful.

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