64-bit Firefox for Mac OS X Up and Running

We got 64-bit Firefox running on Mac OS X today.

64-bit Firefox

I don’t want to post a build here because there are still some significant issues. We should be ironing those out quickly though. Not all of the patches required to produce 64-bit builds are checked in yet but we’re working on it.

We had to rewrite a lot of code to get this going. Thanks to Masayuki Nakano, Joel Reymont, Markus Stange and David Anderson for helping with some of the last bugs!

16 thoughts on “64-bit Firefox for Mac OS X Up and Running

  1. Oh man, this is what I’ve been asking and hoping for! I’m so excited that you got it running and I want to say congrats to everyone who worked on 64-bit Firefox.

    Keep up the good work!

    Can’t wait to test it out myself!


    • Wow, 10% huh? just across the board? like my mouse cursor will move 10% faster? 10 minute youtube videos will play in 9 minutes?

      statements like the one that you made are so pointless, we all might just be better off if you weren’t to make them.

      and peace of mind? a ton of new, barely-tested code goes into the browser and you have more peace of mind? give me the 32-bit version that millions of people are using every day and I think I’ll sleep a bit better…

      • 10% faster processing of pages/content/javascript, across the board. More registers are available on Core 2 when running 64 bit binaries.

        Peace of mind for the people jonesing for 64 bit (aka latest, greatest) FF.

      • “Thanks for the 64 bit version. It has smooth scrolling, compared to the 32 bit version. It closes smoothly and is all in all much more responsive than the 32 bit version.

        I’m visiting one of my blogs which features a h.264 video from YouTube. It doesn’t appear. Is there a plug-in available? I realize this is Alpha, but no crashes. I can live without Flash. This is much less of a processor hog too! I’d respectfully disagree with those who assert that 64 bit won’t make much of a difference – it clearly does.”


  2. Josh, I look everyday to see if you have released it!
    I am using a Chris Latko Snow Leopard build of Shiretoko now.
    Please get it up and running.

    Br. Mac

  3. @Mark 2000
    I don’t see any point of using OpenCL in Firefox. Firefox is not a heavy computing application so OpenCL is of no use to Firefox.

  4. @Mark 2000

    No Grand Central Dispatch. Mozilla are not interested, the products need to be cross platform, it would be a bag of hurt to maintain. GCD only works if compiled with LLVM, Mozilla use GCC.

    • GCD has been ported to FreeBSD, shows the potential of cross-platform integration if those platforms wanted to do the work. Also, I thought Apple did a lot of work to make LLVM fairly GCC compliant, didn’t they? And FreeBSD is moving to support LLVM as well from what I’ve read.

      Granted, FreeBSD isn’t probably a robust definition of “cross platform”, but it shows potential.

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