Goodbye iPhone, Hello Nexus One

I got an iPhone 3G two years ago and I loved it. It was fast, easy to use, and beautiful. Since then I’ve fallen out of love and every time it takes the phone 5-10 seconds to show a new text message I have to resist the urge to smash it. I was never very pleased with my high cell phone bill or the accompanying contract, or the fact that it’ll probably be a long time before I’m allowed to run Firefox on the phone.

I thought long and hard about getting an iPhone 4 because it would solve some major problems (speed, screen quality) and despite the other issues the user experience is just amazing. However, I decided to go with a solution that also solves the other problems. In total I wanted better phone performance, a nicer screen, better network service, the ability to run Firefox, I don’t want a contract, and I want to pay significantly less for service than I do now. I chose to go with a Nexus One from Google on T-Mobile and so far I’m pretty happy.

The T-Mobile plan I chose has no contract, 1000 any time minutes, unlimited text messaging, and unlimited internet for $70. The AT&T plan I had has a 2-year contract, 900 any time minutes, 1500 text messages, and unlimited internet for $105. T-Mobile reportedly has great service in New York City, so this is an easy choice.

The Nexus One is sold unlocked, it’s fast, thin, has a beautiful screen, gets Android updates quickly, and runs the only two third party apps I really care about – MLB At Bat and Firefox. My only two issues are that the Android OS is generally less polished than iPhone’s iOS and MLB At Bat for Android is junk compared to the iPhone edition.

4 thoughts on “Goodbye iPhone, Hello Nexus One

  1. That sounds great, but three things:

    1. If your 3G takes that long time to open a new text message, something is not right. Mine does it instantly.
    2. Wasn’t the Nexus One project killed off by Google? There wasn’t supposed to be any new version (why would you buy a discontinued product?)
    3. The cellphone deals in Sweden are not as bad as those you seem to have in the US, so I am not suffering from that. Still, I am thinking about getting an Android-phone since, I must admit, having an iPhone is less fun when “everyone” has it. When I bought it, people hardly knew what it was. So, my question to you is, how is Android as an OS working out? You say that feels less polished. Is there anything else that’s lacking?

  2. Why should it matter of the project is killed. Not the phone matters, the platform does.
    I’m happy with my G1 btw.

  3. Magne Andersson, Point 3
    lol. There actually was a piece on austrian tv today. I watched it by accident. Someone left the tv on.
    I mean I knew it before that, the idiotic exclusivity factor, but still.

    iPhone is ok, but just like the death of Heath Ledger it is hyped to death. Internet isn’t really helpful. As was the reception issue with the latest iPhone.

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